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You just don't fit

My wife and I were sitting in bed with our coffee this morning discussing the usual things, when after much conversation about our present state of affairs she said to me that my problem was that I just don't fit. She is right. I have always chosen to cut my own path through life, calling myself an artist, a sculptor, an inventor and many more titles but never one I could take to the market place and turn into a paying career. I am at a point in this strange career where it is time to pass it on but I do not fit into the existing educational system. I have developed several passive technologies that reclaim tempered glass with out the use of heat or large machines. Once a student learns these skills they can go back to their studios and get into production with almost no start up costs. The problem is the sheer diversity of the technology defies classification leaving me in limbo. It is not an established art form like oil painting or bronze sculpture yet one can make and earn a living creating art from it. It is not an established trade yet I ave used it to create many functional. The most obvious is the ability to take waste tempered glass and turn it into a cut-able building material much like plywood which definitely takes it into trade schools. When I studied fine arts formally over forty years ago it became painfully obvious that the art world was stuck in the mud of tradition. When I entered the professional art world I looked around for mediums that better reflected the contemporary world I lived in. Tempered glass, liquid plastics, films, spray balms all became the bases of my new creative medium. I started teaching these techniques a couple of years ago and that has gone well but I want to ramp that up now. I am looking for a large property some where on the south coast of Nova Scotia that could be both a home and an arts retreat. I have had many international students and the idea now is to create an environment that can accommodate several students at once while they actually stay on the property and enjoy the wonders of the south coast. As I said, I don't fit into conventional schools so its time to build one.

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