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Webinar Updates

Since closing the gallery and studio Darcy and I have been focusing on fixing up our home property to accommodate my studio. I am devoting the next few months to recording "how to videos" for all my cold working techniques. I have always said ""life is an eighty year project, act accordingly"" and that is exactly why I am starting to teach now at the youthful age of 68.

My plan has always been to spend the first 40 years developing my own medium then retire into teaching it. To date, I have had several one-on-one students for a one week workshop. Perhaps the most interesting one was my first student. He found me on the web and called me a few times from his glass factory in London U.K. This was four years ago and I had not started teaching yet but he was persistent and I settled for $20,000 and a 10% royalty from his eventual production. His main interest was in "Ice Glass" for back splashes but while he was in my studio I showed him several other techniques. When I took him back to the airport after five days he said to me, "Rick I will tell you two things about what you taught me, I can't believe more people aren't using this technology and he would have happily paid me much more for what I taught him" . His company is called Optimum Glass U.K., Check out his website and you will see some of what he has done with it. So far I haven't received any royalties but he has managed to successfully commercialize it and that makes me very happy because it shows the commercial potential of the technology.

I am also doing webinars to teach more people Silastial Glass. The first webinar, focuses on basic Ice Glass and has already been shown 3 times and airs again on Jan 15 (click here for more will take you to Glass Pattern Magazine webinar website which is hosting it) followed by a new one in February which will teach the "Plant Pressing" techniques. Over the next few months I will produce many more of these webinars and look forward to teaching as many people as I can. These techniques can be used to create an enjoyable hobby or a successful commercial business and all the while recycling waste tempered glass using no heat or machines.

Our eventual goal is to create a retreat where students can come in larger numbers but for this summer we will work in my existing studio which is big enough to handle one or two students at a time. If that interests you please contact me to book a week.

For more information on individual workshops click here.

Thanks for your time. Contact me if you have any questions.



A sample of the Plant Pressing technique used for a kitchen backsplash. This webinar will be held in February. I will let you know exactly when once it is confirmed by Glass Pattern Magazine.

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