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Feeling at home in Nova Scotia

We have been working pretty much non stop for the last four months to make the move to Lunenburg but we are loving it. The neighbors are great and we are three minutes away from the major stores. The house we bought on the internet has turned out to be a pretty good deal and we are enjoying exploring the local country side. Darcy and I have been renting for the last thirteen years and now we own our own home in one of the most beautiful places in this great country and we are happily renovating our hearts out. I did my first webinar in June and had 72 students. I have a small studio on the property but I am hoping to move into a bigger one in town next week. I have 40 copies of this months Glass Art magazine that has a 6 page feature on my work to give out as an introduction to the local galleries and businesses. I will post some pictures soon.

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