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Still in Sidney

We are still in Sidney and probably will be for a few more months. The house we are trying to buy in Nova Scotia has run into a snag regarding the septic system but luckily the studio demolition here has been delayed so I still have a place to work for now. A gallery owner has approached me about buying some of my work so I have been working on the inventory and I am surprised how much their is. I am always being told my prices are to low but even at those prices the inventory is in the three hundred thousand dollar range. The frustrating thing about this is that I can not use this as an asset for the bank and my new mortgage. The bank has approved me for a small mortgage but only because we are putting 20% down and my pension covers the payments not because I have a relatively successful art career. This is why I am thankful I live in a country where I can easily move to a new location where prices are so much less. The house we are trying to get in Nova Scotia has been known as the glass house for the last 30 years until the owner died a few years ago. It has a large glass shop attached to the back of the house which will be lowering our cost by more than $3500 a month. The studio is semi underground with no windows which will work perfectly for the webinar production. The first webinar has been moved from April to June but I have done a lot of the recording for that one already. I have also been interviewed for an article that will be coming out in June for Glass Art magazine that focuses on the green element of my work, recycling tempered glass without heat or machines. Mean while since word has got out that I am leaving I have been picking up a steady flow of small commissions that have kept me fairly busy.

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