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Thoughts on U.S. election

Democracy works mathematically and it is the best system we have had so far. The people have spoken now let the man lead. If he is the fool so many of us think he is he will naturally stumble, but he still may surprise us. I disagree with most of his platform but I don't think he is a fool.

One thought I have had is what he is risking for this presidency. He doesn't need the money, the fame or the power. He is putting his brand in the cross hairs of many armed groups that until now thought he was a harmless game show host. I wish my southern neighbors the best and I sincerely hope the next few years prove all the pundits, including me, wrong.

Back at Silastial we have finally finished refitting the gallery and studio to accommodate video production and have actually started shooting yesterday. We are going to start with the technique I call ''Ice Glass'' If all goes well we will have a finished webinar ready to go by the new year.

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