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After forty years of developing technologies in cold worked glass I am looking for opportunities to pass on these skills. I have had some success teaching in my studio and have started doing webinars as well. Now I would like to create a whole program around these processes where I will teach teachers.

I call the techniques Silastial Glass. This name encompasses several different processes all of which use reclaimed glass as input material, both tempered and float. All of the processes including bending and molding are done using no heat or large machines thus allowing the user to get into production with little start up costs. The diversity of applications allow them to create a multitude of finished hand made works such as sculptures, paintings, bowls, light fixtures, tables, counter tops, walls, tiles and anything they can imagine, and its all done with out heat or machines. Silastial glass can create many avenues to self employment around the world anywhere glass is thrown away.


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