• Rick Silas

Two years in Nova Scotia

We have been in Nova Scotia for almost two years now and life is good. We bought a house that needed some work which we have done. And we have listed it and are looking for a larger property where we can possibly build a retreat to teach Silastial Glass. We did try having a studio in Lunenburg but it meant paying rent and driving to work, two things we are not fond of after our experience of rental prison on Vancouver Island. The property we bought is nice but it's too small to run both the business and home on. We have been looking mostly up and down the South Shore for the last few months. We need a property that can accommodate a home, studio, gallery and guest house and all for around $200,000 or less. That sounds like impossible but amazingly it isn't. For example the once thriving area around Liverpool was hit with a double down turn with the loss of fishing and a major pulp mill closing back in 2012. So properties around that area are really affordable. The Liverpool area is really beautiful with fantastic white sand beaches and everything you need. Fortunately for us the Lunenburg area is doing well so we hope to sell here and reinvest in one of these less trendy areas.

We have looked at several properties that would accommodate us well, so now we just have to wait until this one sells. I started teaching when I turned 65, and now have had several one on one students coming in for five day work shops and many more through my webinars. When I was in art college 40 years ago most of my peers wanted to graduate and become art teachers. I figured I would spend my life developing my own mediums and retire into teaching it and that is exactly what I am doing. The west coast is way too expensive to develop such an idea but the east coast is perfect. So stay tuned for the next and hopefully last big move.


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