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I had an old friend, John Giza, alias the Shadow, drop in for a few days with his Daughter for a visit to our new home in Nova Scotia. We nick named him the Shadow years ago for the simple reason he is well read and has an amazing memory for facts. He told me he was inspired by the results of the Brexit vote. The majority vote to go backwards came from mostly older white males while the younger population mostly didn't vote feeling it would change nothing. Shadow came up with a brilliant solution to all the planets woes. The problem is that the old white guys that make all the rules only have a small investment left in their future because of their age. To change this we need to put the power of the vote in the hands of the people who are going to have to live with their decisions. His idea is to give a greater voting power by age. If you are 18 you get more votes than the guy who is eighty. It kind of runs like a corporation, the more shares you have the more you get to vote. The more years you have in front of you, the more you get to effect those coming years. Makes sense to me.


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