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Would your company like to learn how to create a tempered glass material that can be cut, drilled, and polished without heat and using only hand tools?
“I can’t believe more companies aren’t doing this!”  Garry Connelly, Optimum Glass & Licensee


Countertop & backsplash with sinkhole and faucet holes cut into the glass.

Custom table and base, cut to size, with live edge.

For over 40 years, Glass Artist and Innovator, Rick Silas, has been developing new ways to “upcycle” waste tempered glass into beautiful new Architectural glass material… all without heat or machines.  Now, 40 years and many projects later, Rick would like to pass on his amazing scope of knowledge by teaching his Silastial™ Shatter Glass Material.  


Our patented technology allows reclaimed (or new) tempered glass to be processed into beautiful architectural glass that can be racked and cut much like plywood. A waterjet can also cut the material.

For only $20K upfront and a 5% royalty your company could also learn how to create this green and versatile glass.

Rick Silas recently licensed his Silastial Glass technology to a European decorative glass supplier who has taken the technology back to his factory and is creating backsplashes for the British market.  He is now offering to teach and licence other businesses who would like to take advantage of this opportunity to have a new green product that stands out from the rest.

This glass canopy was installed in Calgary, Alberta which experiences extremes in tempereature in 1999 and still looks the same today. 

This 9’ x 42” x 1 ½” countertop has no seams.  Lit from below.  Any colour may be added.

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